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Nintendo Switch Virtual Keyboard
Published on January 23rd 2019

libnx is now capable of calling up system applets, including the virtual keyboard and captive portal browser. With these two components, it should be straightforward to implement a makeshift web browser. Here's how you use the keyboard:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <switch.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
	SwkbdConfig kbd;
	Result rc;

	rc = swkbdCreate(&kbd, 0);

	if (R_SUCCEEDED(rc)) {

		char input[16] = {0};
		rc = swkbdShow(&kbd, input, sizeof(input));

		if (R_SUCCEEDED(rc)) {
			printf("Got input: %s\n", input);
		} else {
			fprintf(stderr, "swkbdShow() error: %u\n", rc);

	} else {
		fprintf(stderr, "swkbdCreate() error: %u\n", rc);

	printf("Press + to exit.\n");

	while (appletMainLoop()) {
		u64 keyDown = hidKeysDown(CONTROLLER_P1_AUTO);

		if (keyDown & KEY_PLUS) {




Text input
Text input

Printing it out
Printing it out

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